Williams is a life-long taxpayer advocate who has archived the state’s largest collection of government waste. Jason heads both the Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation and its sister organization, Taxpayer Association of Oregon.

Nearly 80% of Oregonians blind to PERS disaster

Poll: 78% unaware of PERS disaster By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation Oregon’s public employee retirements system (PERS) is now a staggering $20-$22 billion in unfunded liability. Just this week it was announced that it grew by another $3 billion and made front page news. A 2015 telephone poll of 300 Oregonians by the Taxpayer…


Oregon regions seeing above average growth

University of Oregon Regional Economic Indexes Press Release provided by Tim Duy Oregon Economic Forum University of  Oregon Oregon Regional Economic Indicators: October measures of economic activity were generally solid across all regions in Oregon.  Highlights of the report include: Moving average measures of activity – which smooth monthly volatility – indicate that the Portland…


Common Kicker questions answered

Common Kicker questions: By Oregon Department of Revenue, Kicker credit: Can I claim the full kicker credit if my spouse recently died and the income was included in our 2014 joint return? ​Yes, you may claim the entire credit on your 2015 return even though you may be filing using the single status. Kicker credit:…