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Senator Bentz: Balancing mass events and neighbor rights

Capitol Update Series In August 2017, hordes of stargazers inundated Central Oregon to watch the total eclipse, but the experience left those living in the region less than happy. To better control such an event, the Oregon Legislature is considering House Bill 2790, which would let counties require permits for outdoor mass gatherings. Senator Cliff…


Senator Hansell: Protecting the state seal

Capitol Update Series: People are selling T-shirts, key chains, mugs, and other items bearing the state seal of Oregon, but the state isn’t making any money from those sales. However, that could change under a bill cosponsored by Sen. Bill Hansell, an Athena Republican, according to The Oregonian/Oregon Live. If approved, the state would license…


Rep. Bonham: Family Leave Bill that stays with the worker

Most of the proposed paid family leave bills died midway through the Oregon Legislature, but one remains—and it’s likely to hurt small businesses. Many lawmakers have been making a promise to provide workers with paid family leave for births, adoptions, and other medically necessary time off, and introduced legislation to do so. Under current law,…



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