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Oregon #3 poorest state for real after-tax income

By Bob Clark, Economist Guest submission for Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation,   The above chart is of per person real after-tax income by selected state (after-tax income adjusted by the state’s relative cost of living). It is compiled from U.S Bureau of Economics, a department of the Federal government, data (released on December 14,…


Downtown Portland Demand

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation There are three basic sources of demands for downtowns: downtown residents, commuters, and visitors from the suburbs or out-of-town. Commuter demand declined significantly in Portland (see Oregonians Working from Home). Many downtown Portland businesses relied on the lunch or after work crowds for a significant portion of their business.…


Oregon among top interstate migration losers

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation According to a National Association of Realtors study using USPS change-of-address data, Oregon was one of the top states people moved out of.  Oregon’s net migration loss for 2022 was 17,331 people, or .4% of its population.  



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