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Oregon’s big population shuffle (chart)

Chart: Oregon Office Economic Analysis By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation Chart shows where Oregonians are moving from and where they are moving into by various regions. Oregonians are leaving the high taxed areas of Portland and residing in Central/Eastern Oregon and even Washington State.


Crime, riots close Portland Buffalo Wild Wings

  By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation, As KPTV reports, the downtown Portland Buffalo Wild Wings locations is closing after 17 years due to crime, vandalism and loss of traffic due to the multi-year riots in Portland. The owner begged the landlord, City of Portland, for more security but declined. Interesting, since the City of…


Divert migrant hotel $2M to rescue local hospitals

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation, A few weeks ago the 2024 Legislature passed a budget bill that dedicates $2 million of tax dollars to “newcomer” services.  In the past, this has meant spending $29 million for a welcome hotel near the Portland airport for illegal, unvetted migrants. Because this budget bill is now law,…



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