We need to help crime victims

Oregon politicians broke the law in setting convicted criminals free

In 2017, the Governor and the Legislature approved House Bill 3078 which reduced prison time 20% to 30% for Identity Thieves, Auto theft and Property crimes. Politicians blatantly broke the law by releasing criminals early in violation of the Oregon Constitution.
Voters put minimum sentencing rules in the Oregon Constitution for certain major crimes committed by repeat offenders. Lawmakers must get voter approval to make changes to the Constitution. The politicians ignored the Constitution when we they passed laws to supersede it.

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88% reject tolling I-5

The Oregon Transportation Commission discussed (see Oregonian article, Portland Tribune article) the feasibility of tolling the highways of Interstate 5 and Interstate 205 with the projections of raising $300 million in additional tax revenue.

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation predicting this debate conducted an extensive mail survey of its supporters last month.   Over 400 people responded. Continue reading

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Poll: What Oregonians want for 2019

In a large statewide straw poll of 400 Oregon taxpayers, Oregonians were asked to identify the issues they were most concerned about going in to the 2018 elections. With a potentially competitive Governor’s race and control of the Legislature at stake, voters expressed deep concern about the fiscal management of the State. Continue reading

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Oregon paychecks losing ground

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation,

Oregon’s income growth is lagging the nation and cannot keep pace with inflation.

According to data released by the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis last month, U.S. income growth per person grew by 2.4 percent. In contrast, personal income per person in Oregon increased by only 1.9 percent. To make matters worse, Oregonians faced inflation of 4.2 percent, driven largely by rising housing prices. Put another way, Oregon’s cost of living is growing more than twice as fast as Oregonians’ incomes. Continue reading

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IRS audits at 15-year low

IRS audits at 15 year low.
By Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon,

For the sixth straight year IRS tax audits have been declining and have set a new 15 low in 2017 according to the Wall Street Journal. The year, 2010 was their peak, and since then they have lost a third of their enforcement staff.

As the above chart shows, the higher income have seen the biggest decline in percentage of returns audited.

Since 2010, IRS funding is down 8% while tax returns have grown 5%.

You can read more about the decline in IRS tax audits here.

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Oregon population rate growth declines

By Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon,

The most recent population estimates from the Census Bureau show that Portland’s population growth has slowed to the lowest level in years. Continue reading

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President interested in Oregon’s mile-tax

Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation

The State recently gained an ally in President Trump, who cited Oregon’s per mile charge as an innovative way to achieve revenues needed to realize his plans for updating and improving the country’s infrastructure. Trump’s plan seeks to mix federal funding with State and local contributions as well as investments from the private sector. Continue reading

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