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Portland real estate rank

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation The real estate potential of the Portland metro area continues to linger in the bottom half of a list of 80 American cities surveyed and reviewed in the Urban Land Institute’s 2024 Emerging Trends in Real Estate report, according to the Portland Business Journal. The report ranks Portland at…


Man helps homeless teen, gets killed

  By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation, People think that all the homeless need is a little helping hand. When drugs are involved it can make doing charity work outright dangerous. An elderly Seaside man who tried to help a homeless teenager wound up beaten with a chain and padlock, stabbed in the lung, and…


4 signs of a bleak Christmas

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation, Here are some signs that the 2023 Christmas economic season may be more tenuous than predicted. #1. Retail sales slows: Retail sales have dipped in the past month as noted by Advisor Perspectives.   #2. Retail spending: Spending by the retail industry is down from the last year as noted by the Wall…



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