Make tax deductible gift before December 31st

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The Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation has been protecting your rights as a taxpayer for over 10 years!
– We expose government waste, fraud & abuse
– We fight in the courtroom to protect the rights and privacy of taxpayers
– We educate taxpayers & lawmakers of gross tax mispending (while providing solutions to end it). Read more…

2015 forecast: Double digit spending & 40 tax increases

December 22, 2014 Comments off

kitzhaber-2fingerDouble digit spending & 40 tax increases proposed for 2015 Legislative Session
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation

Governor’s Budget & Proposals

– Nearly 11% State spending increase
– Freeze building new prison beds
– $800 million in new government programs
– Taking the people’s Kicker Income Tax refund
– Creating the nation’s first billion dollar “Carbon Tax” Read more…

Oregon ranks 16th highest tax state

November 28, 2014 Comments off

Despite some people’s beliefs that Oregonians do not pay enough taxes, the opposite is very true by the fact that Oregon has the 16th highest state & local tax burden in the nation. Yet, taxes and fees continue to be raised.


LIst of tax measures on November 2014 Ballot

October 10, 2014 Comments off

There are over 50 local tax measures, bonds and levies on the Oregon November ballot.   Oregon Tax News is providing a large perspective on what is occurring at the local level among voters and tax measures.

Clackamas County
3-446 Gladstone Library levy
3-447 Clackamas Comm. College Bonds
3-449 Colton Schools – Bonds
3-450 Vector Control Levy
3-455 West Linn-Wilsonville School Tax
3-456 West Linn-Wilsonville School Bonds
3-457 Estacada Cemetery – Levy
3-462 Happy Valley – Police Tax
3-463 Oregon City – Annexation
3-464 Estacada Fuel Tax
24-369 Silver Falls School Bond
26-159 Portland – Park bonds $68,000,000
26-161 Portland School Levy Renewal
34-224 Tigard/Tualatin Schools Levy

Columbia County
26-162. Sauvie Island Fire Bond
5-242 Columbia River Fire Bond Read more…

Top 10 disturbing facts about Cover Oregon

September 1, 2014 Comments off

healthcareBy Taxpayer Foundation Of Oregon,

Families can’t afford health care because Cover Oregon wasted ¼ billion.  Force yourself to read this entire article to fully understand how utterly catastrophic our state leaders have failed us.

Top 10 disturbing facts about Cover Oregon
Oregon spent a ¼ billion on a health care website that failed to enroll a single person and was soon scrapped. Here’s more:

1. Six resignations & their bonuses
– The Health Authority Director resigned & was rehired as $14,000/month consultant.
– The Chief Operator resigned & awarded $67,000 settlement to not say anything negative.
– The Technology Officer resigned & awarded $70,000 to help sue vendor.
– The OHA Chief Information Officer resigned & is threatening a lawsuit
– The Executive Director resigned
– Deputy Chief Information Officer resigned Read more…

Oregon property taxes up

November 5, 2013 Comments off

Oregon property taxes up

Many Washington County property owners will see as much as 13% property tax increase. Some Portland homes will witness an 11% increase in their property taxes. Clackamas property owners will see an average of 3% increase.

Multnomah County homeowners will see a substantial increase in property taxes as a result of three ballot measures approved last November. Those measures were: the Portland School District’s $482 million school construction bond, the largest in Oregon’s history; the Multnomah County library district, which established a permanent taxing structure; Metro’s natural areas levy.Dollar amounts are as follows: $45 million to Portland Public Schools, $33 million to Multnomah County libraries, $3 million for maintenance and restoration of county parks and natural areas.

For Washington County tax increases are fueled by rising property value. Average Washington County home value rose 7%. This increase was despite a half decade of decline. Adding to the tax increase are two levies passed by voters, one for schools and the other for police. Read more…

Health Exchanges performing poorly — Oregon, California

October 23, 2013 Comments off

Nearly a month into Oregon’s Health Care Exchange and it is still not working and facing painful delays. The website’s failure is a gross disappointment despite the project’s spending over $82 million in taxpayer dollars. This is made even worse knowing the fact that Oregon was awarded the third largest federal grant to build the exchange. Determining eligibility seems to be the biggest problem for the process. To deal with the delay, Michael Cox of Cover Oregon, says you can still apply using low-tech traditional means. Cox states, “What you can do is submit a traditional application either through paper or electronic fillable PDF, and that’s really an application where we’re going to take and then manually determine your eligibility for plans.” Read more…


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