Common Kicker questions answered

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taxesCommon Kicker questions:
By Oregon Department of Revenue,

Kicker credit: Can I claim the full kicker credit if my spouse recently died and the income was included in our 2014 joint return?

​Yes, you may claim the entire credit on your 2015 return even though you may be filing using the single status.

Kicker credit: Can I claim the kicker credit if I filed late?

​Once your return is processed, provided you don’t fall into one of the categories of individuals who aren’t eligible for the credit, you can claim the credit.

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Rogue Valley missing out on recovery

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logo-oregoneconomicforumUniversity of Oregon Regional Economic Indexes
By Tim Duy
Oregon Economic Forum
University of  Oregon

Oregon Regional Economic Indicators:

Measures of activity strengthened in June across almost all of Oregon’s major metro areas. Highlights of the report include:

– Most regions in Oregon are growing at or above their average pace of activity; the Rogue Valley is an exception, although that appears to be attributable to unusual data behavior. Labor force weakness dragged down the Rogue Valley measure, likely leading to an understatement of underlying activity in the region. Watch for revisions or upward correction in the measure. Recall that “zero” for these measures indicates relative average growth; each region has its own underlying growth rate. Read more…

Hayden’s Mobile Medical Clinic Bill becomes law

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q-haydenmobile By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation

A bill (HB 3139) sponsored by Rep. Cedric Hayden was signed into law on May 21, making it easier for mobile medical clinics to go into communities to provide much needed medical and dental care. The law prohibits local government from preventing mobile clinics from parking on private property for not more than 180 days. The nonprofit mobile clinics, staffed by volunteers and supported by donations, serve uninsured Oregonians who otherwise might not be able to afford care. About 5% of Oregonians do not have health coverage.Some patients may have health coverage but, as Rep. Hayden observed, “Having health coverage doesn’t always equal having access to care.” In rural Oregon many people have no access to health care because the population is too small to justify building a health center. Read more…

#2 Essay Winner: Green Party voter turns conservative

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xanderPeople’s Choice Award winner in the 2015 Youth Essay Contest.

Portland, Irony & the Downfall of a Liberal
By Xander from Portland

My pilgrimage in worldview can be described by a desire to relocate into Portland which became the final tipping point.

When I turned 18, I registered, bleeding heart in hand, Green Party. I resided in Santa Barbara, worked under the table, didn’t pay taxes and my living expenses were subsidized through living comfortably off of my parents. In 2003, I registered Democrat so I could support the presidential ambitions of Dennis Kucinich. Read more…

Youth Essay winner: Iraq soldier on duty of politics

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nextgenawardessay2015justinbretchJustin Brecht of Canby has won the 2015 Next Generation essay contest and a new Apple Watch as top prize! The Taxpayer Association created the contest to give a voice to Oregon’s younger generation.

Please read his amazing essay on how serving in Iraq help shape his political worldview.

“How my own personal experience shaped my political world view”
By Justin Brecht, Canby Read more…

Weak Oregon construction jobs dragging things down

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logo-oregoneconomicforumUniversity of Oregon Regional Economic Indexes
By Tim Duy
Oregon Economic Forum
University of  Oregon

Oregon Regional Economic Indicators:

In general measures of activity remained soft in May compared to earlier in the year. Still, all major metropolitan regions in Oregon are growing at or above their average pace of activity.  Highlights of the report include:

  • Weak construction employment numbers dragged down all measures expect Portland’s; the Eugene-Springfield measure suffered a large negative contribution from this component. Watch for offsetting gains in subsequent months or revisions to previously published data.
  • Although strong residential sales make positive contributions to the measures, new permits remain neutral to negative across the state. The housing recovery has yet to generate consistently above average readings on new home construction.
  • Portland’s measure tracked sideways for a third consecutive month. Moderating job growth has been a primary factor in the decline of the Central Oregon measure.
  • The Eugene-Springfield measure sunk into negative territory, but the moving average measure, which smooths monthly variability, held near zero, indicating normal growth.
  • As anticipated, the Rogue Valley continues to rebound from a sharp decline in March. While data in other regions softened this spring, the Salem measure is pushing comfortably into the above average zone.

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Oregon housing costs

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Release by Josh Lerner,
Office of Economic Analysis,

This edition of the Graph of the Week highlights the relationship between home prices and new home construction across the 50 largest metros in the country. (Original graph idea from Jed Kolko, formerly of Trulia.) It comes out of some work Tim Duy and I did recently in a different venue but is important to highlight. In essence, expensive housing markets do not build much new construction. Portland, along with other popular cities like Denver and Seattle, are right on the middle of the curve, essentially indicating that we’re adding just enough housing to keep affordability at a somewhat manageable level. These regions are keeping their heads above water, but just barely.

Find an interactive version of the graph here.

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