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Minimum Wage Factoid

by Jason Williams The federal minimum wage just went up this month from $5.15 to $5.85. How many people were trapped under this low-wage system? Turns out that only .35% of the 140 million working Americans get paid the minimum … Continue reading

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Inclusionary Zoning Will Drive Up The Cost of Housing

by Andy High With talk all through out Oregon about how to make home more affordable, governments continue to continue to bring up one bad idea after another but one of the worst is Inclusionary Zoning. Inclusionary Zoning requires the … Continue reading

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How to not increase local taxes and fees

by Kurt Weber Oregon local government officials take note of Sandy Springs, Georgia. “Indeed, the experiment in Sandy Springs, Ga., has proved that local governments don’t need hundreds of public employees to function. Sandy Springs, a fast-growing town of more … Continue reading

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