$4 Gas may be seen with Carbon Tax

Oregonians could soon be paying $4 or more for a gallon of gas if lawmakers pass cap-and-trade in the next year, according to the Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation. Recent surveys from the AAA of Oregon and Washington indicates this would amount to a 40 percent increase in the price consumers are currently paying at the pump. Continue reading

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Oregon jumps to 6th biggest tax-and-spend state

The latest numbers show that Oregon jumped from 10th to 6th biggest state and local government spending state in the nation per capita according to the National Association of State Budget Officers, latest State Expenditure Report and estimates for 2016. This means Oregon out spends, per person, 44 others US states in terms of total government spending.

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Chart: How Oregon compares on tax deductions

How Oregon compares to other states on itemized tax deductions less mortgage interest and charitable gifts.  Provided by Oregon Office of Economic Analysis.  This will play an important role in the national tax reform debate.

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586 fee INCREASES totaling $374 million!

586 Fee Increases Totaling $374 million!
Taxpayers feel like their being secretly robbed through hidden fees

The Politicians didn’t need to raise taxes to bring in nearly a half billion in new revenue — they just raised fees instead. Continue reading

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Governor proposes Carbon Tax

Governor Brown is at it again. In the works is another new, monstrous tax. A new $600 million dollar per year tax to grow even larger in subsequent years. (Quick calculation: that is $150 per year for each man woman and child in Oregon) It will be sold as a “Cap and Trade” carbon tax. Continue reading

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Does County help or hinder opioid crisis?

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation

Multnomah County filed a $250 million lawsuit in August against drug companies, distributors, and doctors. The county alleges a conspiracy to hide the danger of prescription pain pills in order to promote the widespread, long-term and lucrative use of their opioid products. Last week, Governor Kate Brown’s task force to combat opioid abuse and dependency and held its first meeting. Continue reading

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$530 million in new transportation taxes


By Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon

Oregon lawmakers just passed $530 million in new vehicle and gas taxes.   Most Oregonians do not know the coming sticker shock and taxes that are heading their way.

Here is what the $530 million in new road taxes includes: Continue reading

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