Portland CEO tax makes national news

taxesWall Street Journal
Editorial Board,
Nov.16th, 2016

Portland, Oregon is famous for its modish devotion to organic foods and craft beers. Now the city is embracing a new trend that could leave local workers with a very bitter aftertaste. It’s a fresh tax on business and it could be coming to a city near you, thanks to misguided rules from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Continue reading

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Oregon sees steady growth

logo-oregoneconomicforumOregon Regional Economic Indicators:
University of Oregon Regional Economic Indexes Release,

September numbers were mostly positive Oregon’s regional economies. Underling trends continue to indicate solid growth. Highlights of this month’s report include:

– For all regions, moving average measures (which smooth monthly volatility) remain above zero, indicating above average activity. Recall that these figures measure relative average growth; each region has its own underlying growth rate. Continue reading

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Oregon budget grows faster than population + inflation


A good test of budget growth versus people’s ability to pay is comparing it against population and inflation combined.   Continue reading

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20 years of the worst scandals, costly mistakes

1996 – $56 million DMV software crash (1)
1999 – $200 million over-time scandal (2)
2000 – $1.4 billion the state neglected to collect (3)
2005 – $524 million hidden school fund uncovered by media (4)
2006 – $40 million in DUI fines un-collected (5)
2008 – $60 million Data Center boondoggle (6)
2009 – $175 million job stimulus flop created 16 shovel ready jobs (7)
2010 – $600 million Emergency-Radio Network colossal money pit – Project cancelled (8)
2011 – $300 million Cover Oregon software crash – Website never used
2013 – $175 million Bridge to Nowhere (10)
2014 – $120 million over-budget on bypass road (11)
2015 – $968 million Energy Tax fund scandal – bankruptcies, forgeries, resignations (12)
2016 – $21 billion PERS deficit reaches new high (13) Continue reading

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35 Years of State Budget Growth


Looking at 35 years of Oregon State Budget Growth shows that Oregon has had a near perfect streak of positive growth except for one budget cycle.

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Oregon adds 17 new government jobs a day


An analysis by the Oregon Employment Department data on job growth shows that Oregon is adding new government jobs at a fast pace.  In 2014, Oregon added 4,600 new government jobs, 5,400 added in 2015 and 5,800 for 2016.  There are some periods where employment slows or declines, but the three year trend is fast and furious hiring.   The fast-paced hiring begs the question on whether this job explosion can be sustained by taxpayers.

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State Employees make double what average workers earn

post-emp-doubleA report from the State Legislative Fiscal Office and the Statesman Journal (3/1/16) compare numbers between state employees and average Oregonians worker salaries including benefits.  The numbers show that State Employees ($89,000) make nearly double what average Oregonians make ($45,893). Continue reading

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