Postage Stamps Increase, yet none available?

by Jason Williams

Well today is the day that postage rates increase by 2-cents. It came to no surprise that when I went to pick up the new postcard stamps last Friday that the new postcard stamps were not in. This is the same problem I encountered when they raised post rates last time. Their new full-rate stamps were available, but they didn’t come in to around 10 days before the change.
Factor in the equation that getting these stamps requires standing in line for over 20 minutes. This excessive line waiting occurs at several post office branches. There are few places I visit that are so consistently requiring long waits.
We must not forget that the post office is a quasi private entity that is over-regulated from the government and shielded from competition. The post office should be allowed to reform itself in ways that help them accomplish their mission and help them benefit their customers.

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